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Stabilized Lichen

lichene stabilizzato verdeVersatile and pleasant to see and touch, lichen is suitable for many uses and creates an effect with a strong scenographic impact. Perfect for large surfaces or for small architectural details, this type of green is available in a wide range of colors: black, light blue, navy blue, pink, red, orange, yellow, autumn yellow, lime green, apple green, leaf green .
Lichen, a natural and ecological product, is supplied in panels of variable dimensions, which can be easily installed next to each other, does not require maintenance and is sound absorbent.

Open storage compartment suspended

Vano a giorno

Open compartment has been designed to give more comfort and practicality in the workplace, in fact thanks to its shape it is able to accommodate various objects, such as bags or helmets. Object holder, made of sheet metal, is thin and light and is fully compliant and in line with the desk that welcomes it.
Available in white and gray finishes.

CPU port suspended

PORTA PCUMetal CPU holder, available in aluminum color, allows you to optimize space and keep the computer off the ground. It is a universal accessory that can be fixed under any desk.

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