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Top Access

If you are looking for a solution that guarantees order and simplicity, you can choose removable electrical outlets that save space and help you to control the work area. Top access is supplied with 2 Schuko sockets,1 Ethernet access,1 USB, 2 audio in/out (jack) and 1.5 ml of electric cable. Maximum voltage 3600 W.

Round cable entry cap

Cable routing plug suitable for all types of desks. Round cable entry cap, 60 mm x H 15 mm in size, is made of plastic and is available in gray and white finishes.

Square cable entry cap

Tappo passa cavi quadro

Cable cap square, with a modern design, made of aluminum in two colors: natural anodized and black anodized. Available in the following demensions: W 80 mm x D 80 mm x H 10 mm or W 500 mm x D 80 mm x H 10 mm.

Rectangular cable entry plug

fliptopFunctionality and versatility combined with an essential line are the characteristics of this cable gland designed to meet the need to easily and quickly connect the equipment on the desk to the electrical and data transmission network. Double opening of the lid makes it particularly suitable in the central position of the meeting tables and shared desks, but also in the individual ones, allowing easy and quick access of the cables to the sockets. Aluminum structure and natural anodized finish facilitate the combination with the office furniture. Polycarbonate hinges also guarantee durability and reliability.

Induction battery charger

Caricatore a induzioneWireless induction battery cherger, with recessed base, allows you to recharge your smartphone in simplest way possible: just place it on the base and no cable is needed anymore.

Product features:
Adaptable to any furniture; Standard IQ charging system; Easy to use; Small size: 80 mm x 12,5 mm thick; Radiated power: 5 W; Input: DC 5V/1A, Max 2°; Output: 5V/1°; Charging current: 5/V 1000mA; Transmission range: 7 mm – 8 mm (maximum connection distance); Charging efficiency: ≥ 70%.

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