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Tech Compact


Structure is made of metal and it is particularly refined: all its parts are made from mold, obtaining the best finishing. Cables can be supported by special tabs. Crankcase, on which ARCADIA’s brand is reproduced, is removable so that you can form a central leg where you might connect both beams. Compact has FOUR versions for its legs.


Compact and its four versions

Two metallic legs and two wooden legs:

  • Leg Zeus with telescopic beam, bearing tube to support the structure, ducted legs for cables passage and adjustable feet. Leg Zeus is also available in the circular version suitable for meeting tables and service tables;
  • Leg Cronos with telescopic beam ducted for cable passage and adjustable in height feet;
  • Wooden legs Athena Plus and Athena with a clean and consistent design. First leg is composed of alluminium supports for the top, placed at the two extrimity of the leg, the second one supports directly the tops without any special supports.


Desktops, 30 mm thick, are made with recyclabIe material and edged in ABS material of thickness 2 mm. Panels are realized in wooden particles covered with melaminic paper scratch-resistant and anti-glare with rounded corners.

Compact is manufactured using environmentally friendly recyclable material, Arcadia is part of the consortium ECOLOGICAL PANEL.


Drawers and libraries

Metallic drawers are made in metal 8/10 mm, painted as the same color of the legs and desks; they are completed with pull-out cylinder lock, central locking and anti-overturning feature. Inner part of the drawers is made of black painted metal. It is also possible to assemble individual or total locks with pull-out cylinder.
Finishes: Alluminium Grey or Black Anthracite.

Libraries have backs, thickness 14 mm, they are fixed with appropriate metallic brackets which allow to have a more resistant structure.
In the bookcases you might assemble internal or external classifiers with front panels, using same frame and can be completed by multiple lock (pull-out cylinder) anti-overturning feature and soft system.



Arcadia quality

Doors are provided with hinges “SALICE at triple regulation” which guarantees openings up to 120.000 loops. Doors can be also provided with locks with pull-out cylinder. These cylinders allow to have both different codings (1500 possible numbers) and the same number. Possible change of the lock might occur by just replacing the single cylinder (even whith an assembled cupboard with a simple key included).


Scegli per il tuo ufficio l’eleganza del design Made in Italy e la qualità e robustezza dei mobili Arcarossa.


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