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Metallic structure of the series Eko is finished in edges. Manufacturing is made on raw materials, then welded, polished and finally painted thus obtaining the maximum finish possible.This beam is designed for the hooking of the computer case-holder.

Legs of the desks, in addition to have the standard depth of 60 cm and of 80 cm, are also made with special depth of 125 cm and 165 cm. These special depths avoid double structures, therefore allow costs optimization improving competitiveness.


Tops Metro are in melamine, 18 mm thick, with ABS rounded edges thickness 2mm. Panels are coated on both sides with melaminic paper scratch-resistant and anti-glare. Materials used are classified E1 for their low emissions of formaldehyde.


Metallic drawers:
Metallic drawers are provided with metallic drawers or metallic classifiers. Structure and its assembly details are made of metal painted with epoxy powders in grey alluminum or white colors. Drawers are completed with lock and anti-overturning system.

Bearing drawers:
Bearing drawers are standard without the wooden top. Structure and the front panels of the drawers are made of melamine thickness 18 mm, rounded edges in ABS material 2 mm thick; they are covered on both sides with melaminic paper scratch-resistant and anti-glare. Panels are classified E1 for their low formaldehyde emissions. Drawers are made of metal painted in grey color with atoxic epoxy powders. Drawers are supplied as standard with lock, zama handle painted in grey alluminum with size of 9,6 cm and anti-overturning system.


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