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CE mark has the literal meaning of European Conformity and in concrete terms it is the graphic demonstration that product to which it is applied respects the regulations in force within European Community, which governs the production and the placing on the market of that product .

Arcadia obtains CE mark for the movable partition Rolling Wall CE!



Rolling Wall CE is a movable partition with manual positioning and electromechanical closing, it has the function of separating a single space in two or more environments. Partition consists of movable modules, whose approach is made by manual thrust and their movement is facilitated by the sliding of the module along a track. After different modules have been brought together, an electromechanical closing, by means of a button, fixes all modules along the perimeter area.

Closing operation takes place by means of a button, which is located near the terminal module. During closing operation, presence of a green light indicates the correct tightening of all the modules. A photocell detection device eliminates risk of crushing the fingers. A manually operated emergency device allows the partition to be removed whenever an electrical failure occurs. Partition may also be provided with a normal entry / exit door, obtained in one of the individual modules. If door is present, it is equipped with a panic handle that avoids the danger of entrapment of the person.



Rolling Wall modules are costum-made, every project is followed and calculated for the best aesthetic and acoustic realization. Partition is certified for sound absorbation from 38,7 dB standard to 43dB with kit.

Within each panel can be provided a mat of rockwool:
THICKNESS: 45 mm DENSITY: 90 kg/m3



It is possible to choose between two versions:

  • Monocarrello, a single cart in the center of the module, for a packing in axis with the track;
  • Bicarrello, double-cart of storage: it has two upper tracks placed at the end of the module, this allows to reach a better stability of the modules thanks to the particular section of tracks and carriages, with the possibility to realize corners of 45° and 90°.

Lightness: from 40kg/mq to 50kg/mq

Thickness: 85 mm (recessed handle included)



Rolling Wall is a highly flexible product, suitable for any environment that requires a fast separation of spaces. Made also in glazed version, Rolling Wall allows to separate different environments keeping their brightness and their visual space.

Sliding modules are of four types of panels:

  • Blind;
  • Glass;
  • Door;
  • Telescopic.



Rolling Wall intersects perfectly with all partitions, both simple partitions and equipped ones: it is realized with same colors and finishes of the KWS system.

Thanks to its movable bases, it is not necessary to realize holes or tracks on the floor: everything is handled by special carts designed by Arcadia. By actioning the locking mechanism, module is tightened by the simple pressure. In Rolling Wall the track where the carts flow, it can be recessed into the false-ceiling or it can be anchored on the ceiling. In the upper part of the track can be set up horizontal infills.



Arcadia technology has developed a special cart in ultra-smooth material, so you can move modules up to 300 Kg effortlessly. Technologies Monocarello and Bicarello take advantage from two different kind of carriages but, they have the same principles of smoothness and durability which are the Rolling Wall basis.

In the Rolling Wall partition may be assembled both single and double doors with recessed handles in order to avoid the increase of the module’s thickness. In the lower part of the leaf is positioned a telescopic guillotine system, which is activated at the door closing. Telescopic guillotine system is the same as the adjacent slinding modules, this obtaining a uniformity of finish also in the lower part of the partition. This system can be turned off if necessary.

Choose for your office the made in Italy elegance and the quality and robustness of Arcarossa.

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