Documentazione tecnica


In 2017 Arcadia Componibili started a fruitful collaboration with GoldBet. In a year we designed and built the interior furnishings of more than 90 agencies throughout Italy: Naples, Catania, Rome, Sorrento, Nola, Salerno etc.


The aim of the “GoldBet” project is to be able to create a usable and functional space, suitable for all the spatial and structural needs of each single agency present on the national territory. The design team, composed of technicians and architects, after collecting the needs of use, has elaborated a set of solutions able to satisfy the Customer’s requests.


The Made in Italy of the products combines the innovative trends of GoldBet agencies with the skill of the artisans, without neglecting the European regulations with which Arcadia Componibili certifies its products. For the cladding of the walls “Pre match” and “Virtual walls” he used the Wall System partition, with an alluminum base in the lower part. The Wall System modules can be arranged so that their horizontal joints are always uniform, and allow the channeling and arrangement of the switches.

The crate stations can be made closed in boxes or open using the Reception integrated with Wall System, customizable in shape, size and color, as well as in the finishes.