Documentazione tecnica

“August 3, 2016 was inaugurated the new secretary’s office for students at the University of Teramo. A modern building of 380 square meters. It was built focusing on the improvement and on the efficiency of services to students. The secretary’s office is located in the building of Political Science and Communication Sciences. It is possibile to access directly from outside (parking across the city) or from the second level down the stairs up to the yellow bridge.”

The technque

Arcadia has realised the partitions of the series Wall System Open Space.
The Open Space partitions share the same structure of the Wall System 1 and Wall System 3 taking advantage from their strength points. It allows the division of the spaces in open environments. The Open Space partition have different heights that is of 109 cm, 141 cm, 173 cm, 221 cm. It should not be fastened at the ceiling. The perimetric frames are made in anodized alluminum, which cover horizontally the space between two modules.

The bases are made in alluminum to avoid all contact with water and they are easy to clean. They can be made also in wood with the same finishes of the backs and doors. The joint corners, also made in alluminum, have solutions ranging from the simple 90° corner to the adjustable ones.